EPA approval Portable Generator, Water Pumps and Washers

Founded since 1999, C.A.G has focused on being experts in the air-cooled-engine-field. CAG’s hallmark is doing business with fairness and integrity, providing quality service and continually improving services. We specialize in the design and manufacturing of EPA standard portable generators, inverter generators, water pumps, pressure washers and other outdoor power equipment.

In summary, our EPA Standard Power Solutions include:

* Inverter generator from 1kw up to 7kw

* Gas Portable generator 1kw to 10kw

* Gas Pressure Washer 2700PSI to 3600PSI

* Gas Water Pump 1.5inch to 4inch

Our dedicated and skilled engineers provide the technical expertise to ensure that we produce efficient, economical, and durable products for each application. Every person at C.A.G will stop at nothing short of meeting all needs and requirements of our business partners.

1000watts inverter generator

  • Model No.: TX1000i
  • Max power :1000w
  • 4-stroke, 53cc

2000watts inverter generator

  • Model No.: TX2000i
  • Max power :2000w
  • 4-stroke, 105cc

2600watts inverter generator

  • Model No.: TX2600i
  • Max power :2600w
  • 4-stroke, 124cc

3600watts inverter generator

  • Model No.: TX3600i
  • Max power :3600w
  • 4-stroke, 149cc

4600watts inverter generator

  • Model No.: TX4600i
  • Max power :4600w
  • 4-stroke, 270cc

7000watts inverter generator

  • Model No.: TX7000i
  • Max power :7000w
  • 4-stroke, 389cc

1.5inch Gas Transfer Pump

  • Model No.: TP15CX
  • 1.5inch -40mm
  • 2.6HP-87cc

2inch Gas Transfer Pump

  • Model No.: TP20CX
  • 2inch -50mm
  • 7HP-210cc

3inch Gas Transfer Pump

  • Model No.: TP30CX
  • 3inch -80mm
  • 7HP-210cc

4inch Gas Transfer Pump

  • Model No.: TP40CX
  • 4inch -100mm
  • 9HP-270cc

2700PSI Gas Pressure Washer

  • Max.Pressure: 2700 PSI
  • Water Flow: 3.0 GPM
  • Engine :210cc/7HP

3200PSI Gas Pressure Washer

  • Max.Pressure: 3200 PSI
  • Water Flow: 3.8 GPM
  • Engine :270cc/9HP

3600PSI Gas Pressure Washer

  • Max.Pressure: 3600 PSI
  • Water Flow: 4.8 GPM
  • Engine :389cc/13HP

1000 watts Portable Generator

  • Generator Model No.: TG950
  • Max power :1000w
  • 2-stroke, 63cc

3500 watts Portable Generator

  • Model No.: TG3500
  • Max power :3500w
  • 4-stroke 210cc

5500 watts Portable Generator

  • Model No.: TG5500
  • Max power :5500w
  • 4-stroke 291cc

6500watts Portable Generator

  • Model No.: TG6500
  • Max power :6500w
  • 4-stroke, 420cc

7500watts Portable Generator

  • Model No.: TG7500
  • Max power :7500w
  • 4-stroke-420cc

4500watts Silent Generator

  • Model No.: TG4500S
  • Max power :4500w
  • 4-stroke 270cc

5500watts Silent Generator

  • Model No.: TG5500S
  • Max power :5500w
  • 4-stroke-291cc

6500watts Silent Generator

  • Model No.: TG6500S
  • Max power :6500w
  • 4-stroke-420cc

7500watts Silent Generator

  • Model No.: TG7500S
  • Max power :7500w
  • 4-stroke -420cc

10,000watts Portable Generator

  • Model No.: TG12000
  • Max power 10,000w
  • Twin-V Cylinder-614cc

10,000watts Silent Generator

  • Model No.: TG12000S
  • Max power 10,000w
  • Twin-V Cylinder-614cc