Diesel Standby Generator

C.A.G has a long history of diesel standby generator and mobile lighting business. The company specializes in manufactured world class diesel power generators from 10kva (8kw) up to 2500 kVA (2000 kw) incorporating the latest technology from Perkins, Cummins, Lovol, Yanmar et cetera. We provide quality, dependable, backup power solutions for all your power needs.

Whatever you do in your life, at home or at work, our units are engineered to meet your specific standby requirements. C.A.G standby generators are ideal for large residential, commercial and light industrial applications such as Railway, Mining, Petroleum, Communication, Rental, Government, Military, Factories or Real Estate. C.A.G diesel generators keep your life going without power disruption.

Kubota Power Mobile Lighting Tower

  • LT6000K 6KW@50HZ
  • LT8000K 8KW@60HZ
  • Lighting :4x1000W

Perkins Power Flood Light Tower

  • LT6000P 6KW@50HZ
  • LT8000P 8KW@60HZ
  • Lighting :4x1000W

Powered by: Chinese Engine

  • Ricardo / YuChai/ Yanddong
  • 8kw-200kw @50Hz
  • 9kw-210kw @60Hz


Powered by: Cummins

  • Diesel Generator Set
  • 20kw-1200kw @50Hz
  • 22kw-1250kw @60Hz

Powered by: Perkins

  • Diesel generator Set
  • 7kw -1760kw @50Hz
  • 9kw -550kw  @60Hz

Powered by: DEUTZ

  • Diesel generator Set
  • 48kw-460kw @50Hz
  • 56kw-390kw @60Hz

Powered by: Volvo

  • Diesel generator Set
  • 68kw-504kw @50Hz
  • 70kw-550kw @60Hz

Powered by: Lovol

  •  Diesel generator Set
  • 22kw-108kw @50Hz
  • 27kw-110kw @60Hz

Powered by: Mitsubishi

  • Diesel generator Set
  • 200kw-1800kw @50Hz
  • 240kw-1895kw @60Hz

Natural Gas Generator Set

  • Gas generator Set
  • 68kw-504kw @50Hz
  • 70kw-550kw @60Hz

High Voltage Generator Set

  • High-voltage :6300v or 10500v
  • Cummins :500kw-1100kw
  • Perkins : 500kw-1800kw

DC Generator Set

  • DC Diesel generator
  • Kubota Power:6.5kw-12kw
  • Perkins Power: 8kw